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Berita finds love….. mystery man behind star’s happiness

By Bruce Ndlovu

After spending much of 2018 reeling from heartbreak that set her back in her personal and professional life, songbird Berita Khumalo has revealed that she has found love once again, this time with a man that has rejuvenated both her romantic life and career.

Berita (real name Gugulethu Khumalo)
Berita (real name Gugulethu Khumalo)

Only recently was the Bulawayo South Africa-based songbird forced into a social media hiatus after her relationship with the unknown heartbreaker had a sour ending.

“I remember end of last year I had to report here on Twitter that I was taking a hiatus because I was going through a lot! My heart and soul were broken. It was a really trying time and it broke my heart to have to pull away from you all. But it was needed,” she revealed at the time.

“Let me tell you a little bit about my 2018. When I think back to last year this time I was broke, heartbroken and basically undone. I had to learn to embrace the pain and the disappointment. I allowed myself to cry, break and rebel,” she reflected.

However, after that heartbreak, it seems like the Ndicel’ Kiss hit-maker has once again struck love gold, revealing in an interview that she had rediscovered her strength off the back of a loving relationship. Behind every successful relationship, it seems, is a good man.

“I am being taken care of (by my boyfriend) and he is very good for me, and creates an environment for me to work well. Although I am not mentioning any names, he makes me very happy,” she said in an interview.

That confirmed reports by South African publication The Sowetan that Berita was indeed in love with a man who appeared to have been close to her throughout her career.

“She is with someone who she loves, and who understands where she currently is in her life,” said a source the publication claimed was close to the Zimbabwe-born musician.

“He is not someone who is extensively in the music industry, but has had her back throughout her journey.”

Berita Khumalo
Berita Khumalo

For her part, the honey-voiced singer said she found a man who complemented her drive and purpose in life.

“I wanted to find myself in a relationship where I am loved and supported. I am in love with the person I am with and also the woman that I have become.”

Speculation is rife that her latest song, Yours, might be a dedication to her new beau.

“Make me the empress of your palace; I’m enchanted by your voodoo; show me the entrance of your castle; all I want is you,” goes a part of the song. This and the singer’s eagerness to take a plunge into the deep seem to have ratcheted up speculation that she might have found “The One”.

“I don’t want my fans to be in the dark and not know. Questioning how a person gets married, if anything (sic),” she said.

Recently, Berita was the ambassador for the recent Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition in Gauteng, which is aimed at musicians, artiste managers and publishers. With her music label Assali also making inroads Berita, who was appointed ambassador alongside the legendary PJ Powers, said she was inspired to follow in the footsteps of legends that had dominated for decades.

“Together with the legendary PJ Powers, we were ambassadors to spread the message and vision of the conference. It also showed me that I am making strides in the music business. I am inspired by the late Hugh Masekela and Oliver Mtukudzi who made music for decades,” she said.

Berita Khumalo poses for a picture with fans at Red Cafe where she performed last Friday. — Picture by Next Level Media
Berita Khumalo poses for a picture with fans at Red Cafe where she performed in 2018. — Picture by Next Level Media

With great power comes greater responsibility, the adage goes and Berita said being her own boss had taught her a lot about the music industry. Rather than being spoon-fed signee to a larger label, she was now doing the heavy lifting as a boss in her own right.

“There have been lots of challenges, but I see opportunity in every one of them. I’m also learning about running my business, training people and I also have employed people in the business. I will also be part of the TruTalent Search,” she said.

She also revealed that her successful single, Ndicel’ Kiss would soon become a part of a new flick on streaming giant Netflix.

“The feedback has been amazing and the song will soon be in the international arena after being incorporated into a Netflix film. This has been about growth and experimenting while doing something I love. I am grateful to wake up every day and staying true to myself,” she said.

After a painful journey of love, heartbreak and self discovery, the songbird insisted that she was happy with the changes and evolution that she had undergone.

“It is not who you become, but what you become. I have been in the industry for seven years now and I like who I am becoming,” she said. Sunday News