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Guvamombe humiliated at court

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Suspended Chief Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe was on Tuesday humiliated at Harare magistrates’ court after he had a confrontation with his estranged girlfriend Sheila Samakomva.

H-metro coverGuvamombe was at court with his wife and former cop Angeline Guvamombe who filed for divorce early this year and sued Samakomva for $100 000 for having an adulterous relationship with her husband which resulted in the birth of a child out of wedlock.

Sheila Samakomva
Sheila Samakomva

Samakomva arrived shortly after the Guvamombes and sat at the back of the court and during an adjournment; the confrontation between the three began with Samakomva demanding her money back from Guvamombe

However, court resumed before they could converse, but they were being constrained by popular soccer fanatic Mboma Nyatanga and lawyers from Samkange and Ventures who are representing Guvamombe.

As the ex-chief magistrate was about to leave court, he was met by insults from Samakomva who then made it clear that the $10 000 she was demanding was the money she had paid for Guvamombe’s legal fees.

“All I want is my money, Mr Guvamombe, are you going to give me my money or I should take the matter into my own hands” said Samakomva as she pushed Guvamombe.

Mishrod Guvamombe
Mishrod Guvamombe

A visibly shaken Guvamombe had nothing to say but to try and calm Samakomva down telling her that his lawyers were organizing an affidavit to give her an assurance of when the money was going to be paid back.

Samakomva wasn’t held back and was heard shouting,” You should have thought about that before you blocked me.”

She further threatened Guvamombe that she was going to expose him over a dossier that he created and circulated last month accusing the current acting Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi, his deputy Elijah Makomo and JSC secretary Walter Chikwanha of engaging in illicit sexual behaviour and corruption in the Judicial Service Commission.

Mishrod Guvamombe
Mishrod Guvamombe

“If you don’t give me my money, I am going to Mutevedzi’s office to tell him of the fake dossier you created. I have it all in my phone!” shouted Samakomva.

Embarrassed, Guvamombe had nothing to say while his lawyer Jonathan Samkange and wife Angeline watched on.

Guvamombe appeared before Harare regional magistrate Bianca Makwande who remanded him to appear in court on November 4 pending indictment following the granting of his application to be tried at the High Court by Justice Zhou. H-Metro