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Hubby refuses to bath with wife . . . bashes her

By Shelton Masina

A romantic gesture by a Cowdray Park woman who asked her partner to join her for a bath earned her a beating from her husband who accused her of disrespecting him.

rape victim file pictureOn Friday last week Mavis Muleya (34) invited her husband, Washington Mphini (42), to bath with her.

“I collected hot water from the fire and went inside the house. I asked my husband to bath with me. He followed me and closed the door,” said Mavis, as she narrated her ordeal at the Western Commonage courts this week.

Mphini bashed his wife all over her body several times using fists, accusing her of disrespecting him.

He denied the allegations in court but he was convicted at the close of the trial.

Mphini was fined $100 (or 30 days in prison) by magistrate Stephen Ndlovu. B-Metro