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Tributes flood as legendary Zim broadcaster Godfrey Majonga dies

The Sports and Recreation Commission yesterday paid tribute to the late Danhiko Project deputy director, Godfrey Majonga (62), who passed away on Monday.

First Lady Grace Mugabe seen here with Godfrey Majonga who is now consigned to a wheelchair
Then First Lady Grace Mugabe seen here with Godfrey Majonga who is now consigned to a wheelchair

Majonga was also the chairperson for the Danhiko Paralympic Games.

“Godfrey was a versatile Sports Administrator who undoubtedly and unquestionably championed Sport for people living with a disability with immeasurable passion and vigour.

“The growth of the Danhiko Annual Paralympic Games was largely as a result of his immense contribution.

“Godfrey was also a past Sports and Recreation Commission board member and it was during his tenure that the idea of the Zimbabwe National Paralympic Games was consummated as a way of encouraging people living with a disability to actively participate in sporting activities of their choice.

“Godfrey was an easy-going character who was dedicated to the development of sport and, more particularly, Paralympic sports.

“His contribution to sport development will forever be cherished and engrained in our minds.

“On behalf of the Sports and Recreation Commission we would like to convey our deepest condolences to his family and the Paralympic Sport Movement for the sad loss of a dear beloved one and a colleague,’’ the Sports Commission said.

His daughter Caroline said her father had been suffering from a chest infection and was admitted at the Avenues Clinic before he was discharged on Monday.

“He passed away last night (Monday) at home. He had been in hospital. He had a chest infection . . . it was giving him challenges breathing. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa during an interview on Carte Blanche in 2018
President Emmerson Mnangagwa during an interview on Carte Blanche in 2018

In October 2017 then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa broke his silence on damaging claims that he forced Majonga to jump from a high-rise apartment in Harare 30 years ago, after he allegedly caught him with a woman said to have been romantically-linked with him.

Mnangagwa denied in a hard-hitting presentation to the Zanu PF politburo that he had harmed Majonga — insisting instead that, to the contrary, he was a friend of Majonga and that he was in fact one of the few people who had helped the broadcaster at the time of the alleged incident.

However, the sources said, Mnangagwa had declined to delve into the matter, and skipped reading the parts which related to the Majonga saga, citing the recent $3 million lawsuit that he had launched against Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo in connection with the allegations. 

“To make such dramatic and sensational allegations against me is totally unacceptable, and with respect, reprehensible … bringing pain to not just myself and my family, but no doubt to Godfrey Majonga and his family as well,” Mnangagwa revealed in his document.

“I know … Majonga personally, and as a matter of fact, following his accident in 1988, I was part of the establishment that facilitated his assistance. Where was … Moyo at the time?

“Your Excellency, Godfrey Majonga and people close to the events, have not been brought to the politburo. For such a sensitive matter to be brought up in such a scurrilous and reckless manner by someone who is supposed to be a responsible senior member of the party and government …

“The dramatic impact and effect of the hearsay evidence of … Moyo could not be demonstrated more so by this case. Its probative value is zero,” the then VP added.

In sensational claims in a July 19, 2017 politburo presentation in Harare, Moyo accused Mnangagwa then of being ruthless and of having forced Majonga to jump from the third floor of an apartment in the capital, after the two men had allegedly clashed over a woman.

Speaking later, at a Zanu PF rally in Bindura, then President Robert Mugabe stunningly revealed to thousands of his supporters how Moyo had told the politburo of the alleged confrontation between Mnangagwa and Majonga over a woman, which allegedly ended up with Majonga jumping from a high-rise apartment — resulting in him being disabled for life.

“Hameno kana zvirizvo (we don’t know if this is true). Mnangagwa denies it. He says he doesn’t know any of it. He (Moyo) made that claim among others,” Mugabe said then, adding that Mnangagwa had since also prepared his own dossier against Moyo. The Herald/Daily News