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Moses Chunga gets support

By Grace Chingoma

Former CAPS United striker Alois Bunjira says it is unfortunate coaches like Moses “Bambo” Chunga, continue to suffer in their bid to work in their chosen field.

Moses “Bambo’’ Chunga
Moses “Bambo’’ Chunga

The former Zimbabwe international says he also had similar hurdles thrown into his path.

“The CAF A coaching licence is not available. I am also affected by this,’’ said Bunjira. “That course was suspended three years ago and has not been done. We don’t even know until when and we are stuck. How do you use standardisation with a course that is not available?

“It is like asking school children to produce a Grade 7 certificate in order to proceed to Form One and yet you are not holding Grade 7 exams for the past three years.

“What do the kids do to go to Form One? Imagine how many kids, in the last three years, would have failed to go to Form One because there is no Grade 7 exams and the same authority, which is supposed to organise the Grade 7 exams, is not doing so, but still they want the Grade 7 certificate?

“Where do the kids get the certificate from?”

Bunjira said although the plight has been highlighted after Chunga was controversially blocked by the association, a lot of coaches have been affected by this standardisation.

“Yes, we can say Moses Chunga should apply for exemption. How about the other young coaches who have been waiting for this same course for the past three years and have been shut? They are requesting for a certificate whose course they have not been provided for the past three years.’’

Persuade Shemah also commented on the saga.

“This ZIFA is a problem, how can you demand the food you didn’t buy, the CAF A licence, when was it last conducted?”

Dynamos legend Murape Murape also questioned why Chunga should be forced to apply for exemption when other coaches were coaching without doing so. And Na Phiri wrote:

“It’s really not fair when other people are being let off to coach without applying,’’ Phiri argued.

“Why has Chunga’s case been made exclusive compared to the others?

“It’s not fair at all and that’s segregation at its highest (level). Zvakaoma hazvo.

“To beat ZIFA at their own game, Bambo should just, maybe, hand in the application so as for him not to be disadvantaged again in the long run.

“Saddening though.” The Herald