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Highlanders offer Denzel counselling

By Nkosilathi Sibanda

Highlanders finally accepted that its star player Denzel Khumalo needs serious help as it has emerged that the club is assisting the striker to get psychological help for his disruptive behaviour.

Denzel Khumalo
Denzel Khumalo

Khumalo is undoubtedly a promising gem in the youthful Bosso camp but since the start of the season his conduct off the field has been disorderly.

After displaying good flashes of football genius in the opening matches, Khumalo became the darling of Bosso fans. But, sooner it would seem the celebrity status had got the better of the fragile youth.

According to Bosso chairman Kenneth Mhlophe, the player was undergoing pyscho-social support and they were happy that the timely intervention was going well.

“Denzel Khumalo was found guilty of absenting himself from work without seeking permission,” said Mhlophe while addressing Highlanders members at the meeting.

“The young player was handed a fine and is back at training where he has been placed under extra supervised training to gain lost fitness.

The player has also been offered psychological assistance and counselling to strengthen him and ready him to compete and fulfill the promise of his talent.”

Meanwhile, Highlanders are not happy with the amount of hate speech emanating from its legion of supporters on social media platforms as this has impacted negatively on sponsors, players and officials.

The concern was raised by Mhlophe at the teams’ Extra Ordinary General (EGM) on Sunday.
Mhlophe voiced concern on how fans had decided to spit bile, post fake news and harsh criticism aimed at some executive members and players, especially this season.

At Sunday’s meeting, Mhlophe chose to address the social media abuse issue before he delved into other business at hand.

“We meet at a time where the use and often, sadly so, abuse of social media to denigrate club officers, executive, board members and confidentiality seems to be fashionable.

Many times these careless posts and stories drag the names of our sponsors into uncomfortable streets and threaten the great relationships which have been painstakingly built over time.” B-Metro