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You are NOT your high blood pressure

By Yaya Rudo

I started teaching and giving talks on identity purely by chance. It did not start with a kiss but with snoring. In early 2016 I started snoring so bad, I mean really bad. I sounded like a diesel generator! Just like that my self esteem was badly hurt. How was I ever going to be a cool mom or wife with this condition? I was so embarrassed by it my confidence reached its lowest overnight.  

I went in to a panic mode as I realized I would never have the guts to visit my brother’s family in Australia, how was I going to be on a plane for that long with no sleep?

I realized that I could not even sleepover at people’s houses or dose off in front of the television without scaring those around me. I remember sharing my insecurities with my mother and the first thing she said was, “It’s not who you are. “ Here was a woman who had known me the longest declaring who I was not.

I had issues with my tonsils growing up; she suggested I visit the doctor. The ear, nose and throat specialist knew me from primary school. When he saw how worried I was, he reminded me of the plays I produced at school and the poems I recited at school assembly and Parents Day. He said “It’s not who you are, it’s a nasal and throat condition.” The solution was to start on some throat exercises or get the tonsils removed.
 How many times have we allowed the Lemons thrown at us to define who we are? We have allowed conditions and experiences to steal our true identity. Lemonade Makers must learn to separate their identity from the conditions and experiences they find themselves in. You are not your high blood pressure problem, you are not a cancer.

You are Moses, Jefta or Sue who is fighting cancer or diabetes. It is the same with experiences such as, you are Gloria going through a messy divorce. You are Sloan, who was naive and made bad choices. You are Gilbert; you made poor choices as a father and husband. Once we become one with our conditions, we dilute our strengths or even wipe them out as confidence drops.

 When Lemons are thrown at us, they do of course shake us. However, we must fight to protect who we are. You are still a great leader, artist, engineer, organizer, writer, daughter, teacher, administrator, son, brother, friend, manager, parent, cook, etc. Just because you failed in one area does not mean you are a failure in life. When Lemons have been thrown at you, remind yourself of your God given gifts and talents.

When I am down and feeling low with Lemons all over, I remind myself of the fact that I am a good teacher. This has helped me so much, even in the middle of negativity and brokenness; I can still give an outstanding lesson. My bank balance has nothing on my teaching. What are you going to hold on to in the middle of brokenness?

 I raise my glass to Lemonade Makers who are committed to protecting their identity.

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