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Former MDC MP for Hwange sued for failing to fulfill campaign promise

By Mashudu Netsianda

Former MDC-T Member of Parliament for Hwange Central Mr Brian Tshuma has been taken to court by his erstwhile campaign manager for failing to pay him for services rendered during the 2008 and 2013 elections.

Former MDC-T Member of Parliament for Hwange Central Mr Brian Tshuma
Former MDC-T Member of Parliament for Hwange Central Mr Brian Tshuma

Mr Fednard Ncube, through his lawyers Mashindi and Associates, filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court citing the former MP, his sister Pretty Tshuma and their mother Ms Chamatama Shoko, as defendants.

Mr Ncube is accusing the former legislator of failing to give him a car, an Isuzu twin cab KB250, which he had offered as payment for managing his election campaigns.

He said he was engaged in 2007 as a campaign manager by Mr Tshuma for the 2008 and 2013 harmonised elections and was promised US$2 000.

“After securing a parliamentary seat, the first defendant (Mr Tshuma) failed to pay as per his undertaking. I worked again as his campaign manager in the 2013 elections and once again he promised me US$2 000, but nothing was paid despite the first defendant having retained his seat,” said Mr Ncube.

He said in 2016, Mr Tshuma then promised to give him a car in recognition of his services as a full and final payment of all his dues.

Mr Ncube said he took possession of the car, but Mr Tshuma refused to give him the vehicle registration book.

He said he was involved in an accident while driving the car and he took it to Minestores Garage for repairs.

Mr Ncube said when he went to the garage to check the vehicle, he discovered that Ms Shoko and her daughter had collected it acting on the orders of Mr Tshuma.

Mr Ncube said when he opened a criminal charge against the defendants, prosecution was denied on the basis that he did not have the car’s registration book. He said he therefore wants the court to order the defendants to return the car and surrender its registration book to him.

Mr Ncube also wants the court to order the deputy sheriff of the High Court to be authorised to sign all necessary papers to register the car under his name.

“The defendants have despite numerous demands refused to return the car. Wherefore I pray for an order directing the defendants to deliver the car and its registration book within four days of the order,” he said.

The defendants are yet to respond. The Chronicle