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From EI Classico to EI Relegato: Bosso, Dembare battle at BF

By Fungai Muderere

It’s Highlanders vs Dynamos; Madinda Ndlovu vs Tonderayi Ndiraya as the biggest teams in the country take on each other, and if you miss this spectacle, it’s on you!

Dynamos and Highlanders have the most passionate and loyal fans in domestic football and their intense rivalry has become a subject of academic studies
Dynamos and Highlanders have the most passionate and loyal fans in domestic football

Never mind the erratic performances that the two sides are exhibiting since the spine-chilling losses that the Ndlovu’s black and white army inflicted on the visiting blue half of the capital when the two met in Harare and Bulawayo last season, are still fresh in their memory.

And to be frank, the wounds have not healed yet for the Glamour Boys.

The previous term results between the two read — Dynamos 0-1 Highlanders on 2 April 2018, Highlanders 3-0 Dynamos on 9 September 2018.

Keep in mind that DeMbare were then under the tutelage of their former son Lloyd Mutasa who was replaced by the famous Lloyd “MaBlanyo” Chigowe, a man who unfortunately did not last a significant distance in this tricky 2019 campaign. Following a string of poor results, Chigowe was recently replaced by another DeMbare son, Tonderayi Ndiraya.

Under Ndiraya, DeMbare have come quite a way but still have not asserted their dominance over other teams like they used to.

While Ndiraya has brought some positive changes his real test awaits on Sunday deep in the bowels of Barbourfields Stadium against a Bosso side that since the start of the season has chosen to be erratic.

Highlanders vs Dynamos Prediction
True to their stature and potential, these teams have never disappointed, we repeat, never disappointed when going for each other’s throats.

Be it footballing excellence or drama.

It’s a child’s play to predict that this match will have at least two or more goals considering the vast talent pools both sides have access to. The occasion is big, for sure. But that’s not it. That’s not why this game is important. It’s the long history and rivalry these two magnificent teams share.

Against one another, either is unable to play even a friendly without the intent to destroy. Bet your top dollar that this football loving nation is going to witness one of the best matches of the season.

The visiting squad, enriched by the presence of their Congolese forward Ngandu Mangala and with the duo of Cleopas Kupupurika and Prince Dube on the other side of the pitch — creative sparks are sure to fly.

Also, for Dynamos, it’s revenge and nothing else. They might not even care about their recent failure to beat Manica Diamonds at home. The 3-0 loss the last time they visited Emagumeni needs to be set straight. It’s pride and honour at stake.

Expect both teams to show up and deliver in style. The winner might be hard to predict. But one thing’s for sure. It will be a game from the top drawer!B-Metro