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Mustvangwa disowns ‘fake’ Twitter account

Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday dismissed a Twitter account posting messages in his name.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s former advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa

This follows a message circulating on social media purporting to be his, alleging that Government and Zanu-PF should quit as they have failed to deal with economic challenges in the country.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said he does not have a Twitter account.

The Twitter message read: “Am trying without success to find a conceivable and credible excuse for my party and govt’s failure to resolve the current economic haemorrhage. Comrades, lest just quit and let the next generation take over. They too love this country. They need it more than us in fact.”

This is not the first time Ambassador Mutsvangwa has had to come clean on parody accounts.

In February this year, messages were also sent on a fake Twitter account purportedly to be his which he denied saying he suspected the self-exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo of being behind the fake Twitter account.

He said he suspected Prof Moyo is behind the fake micro-blogging account.

“That account is definitely not mine; they are imposting and often abusing my name. I have seen the account and I want to dismiss it as fake.

“They are trying by all means possible to soil my name. I suspect its Jonathan Moyo and the usual G40 suspects,” he said. The Herald