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Sikhonjwa to turn Bosso grounds green

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Award winning comedian cum businessman Babongile Sikhonjwa says there is no reason Highlanders should waste money hiring training fields when they have vast tracts of land at the club house for a minimum of three standard football grounds.

Babongile Sikhonjwa
Babongile Sikhonjwa

Sikhonjwa, who recently opened Hlabangana Lounge situated at the Highlanders club house premises after lying derelict for many years, said he will soon embark on an ambitious grounds rehabilitation exercise to turn the fields green.

“Look, I am not into football; I love Highlanders, yes, but I am an entertainer as you might be aware, but I have set up a serious plan to turn these fields green because I see no reason why Highlanders should be paying someone else for training sessions,” said Sikhonjwa.

“The whole plan was to open the bar first (Hlabangana Lounge) and generate some income and then the second is to work on the infrastructure, especially the fields, and now that the bar is fully operational, focus will now be on turning the fields into a playable infrastructure. This is part of the legacy which I want to leave at Highlanders,” he said.

Sikhonjwa rubbished reports that he was being used by some powerful business mogul bent on infiltrating Highlanders.

“If anyone believes that then surely such characters can believe anything here on earth. I have invested so much on this project, including getting some loans which have to be repaid because I am an ambitious person, and for people to peddle such sad lies that I am being used is really sad.

“Like I said, I am a Highlanders’ supporter, that is undeniable, but that ends there. I have no interest in the internal affairs, squabbles or otherwise of Highlanders. All I want is to see my team winning and having great facilities befitting its stature locally and even internationally.

“Bosso is a brand and it should not be having challenges with such things like training grounds, so I need all the support out there instead of being pulled down. Ngingumntwana wekhaya and never can I sell ilifa lethu,” Sikhonjwa said.

He said he was not in competition with the main Highlanders’ club house, but was merely complementing its services.

“One can say we are twins, but my immediate plan of action now is to turn those fields green and soon that will come to fruition.”

Besides Highlanders paying for training grounds, their junior teams are also faced with the same predicament, especially for league matches, and that could soon end if Sikhonjwa’s plans come to life. The Chronicle