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Paupers’ burial for Sekuru Gweshe… mbira player had no funeral policy… leaves behind 23 children

By Trust Khosa

Mbira grandmaster David Tafaneyi Gweshe who died yesterday risks being accorded a paupers’ burial if help is not immediately availed to the family.

Sekuru Gweshe
Sekuru Gweshe

Sekuru Gweshe, who succumbed to prostate cancer aged 79, had no funeral policy which has left the family stranded.

The family was yesterday desperately mobilising resources to ensure the Boterekwa Dance Company boss is given a decent burial in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central.

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Family spokesperson and sister to the late mbira player Martha Gweshe appealed for help.

“We seriously need help from whoever can assist us since my brother had no funeral policy.

“Considering the economic challenges we are facing in the country, we need serious help to ensure that my brother is given a decent send-off in his rural home of Gweshe Village,” she said.

Despite challenges in mobilsing resources to ensure Sekuru Gweshe is accorded a decent burial, Martha described the late singer as a hero.

“He was my hero and he loved his family. He was a teacher, lecturer and family man.

“He did his best for the family and we need to remember the good that he did to the family.

“Of course he might have his own problems but a father will always remain a father as per our African tradition,” she said.

Sekuru Gweshe’s two widows in Dzivaresekwa Fungai Tauzen and Tsitsi Kamupimbiri were devastated.

Fungai, the youngest widow to the late mbira player, said they were robbed of a family head and they had nowhere to start.

“We are in a difficult position since our husband had no funeral policy.

“Those who are willing to contribute towards his funeral can do so via EcoCash number 0775 341 590 registered in Fungai Tauzen’s name.

“As you can see, there is nothing here and we desperately in of help,” she said.

Sungura artiste Somandla Ndebele who resides in the same suburb said they had been robbed of a true musical hero.

“The year 2019 was the worst year in the living memory considering all that has been happening to us.

“If you look closely, we have lost a number of artistes in 2019 and I don’t know how the year will end,” he said.

The Denda Brothers paymaster urged the family to remain united during the trying times.

“It’s high time the family put their differences aside if there are any.

“With unity, they can keep their late father’s legacy alive.

“I have also noted that there are two sons of Sekuru Gweshe who are talented and I urge them to unite and keep his legacy alive.

“Growing up in this suburb, I learnt a lot from him and he still remains a hero,” he added.

Sekuru Gweshe’s multi-talented son Norodon who has just released his debut album with Kutandara Music Souls, appealed from help from sponsors to assist him his his career.

He said he was ready to look after his father’s big family but he needed support to ensure he keeps the legacy alive.

“I have worked with my father and he is also the one who groomed me so I owe it to my father.

“I would have loved to work with my brother Solomon but he is addicted to alcohol.

“However, I will have to soldier own and ensure that I fend for my family.

“I am ready to work with those who share the same vision with me,” he said.

The 26-year-old thanked well-wishers who were mobilising resources to ensure Sekuru Gweshe is given a decent burial.

“I would like to thank people who are helping us to mobilise resources but as you heard from aunt Martha, it’s not enough and I don’t know what we are going to do,” he added. H Metro