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Olinda comes to Stunner’s rescue

By Taonga Nyemba

Desmond “Stunner” Chideme’s estranged wife Olinda Chapel has come to his defence following the recently deleted apology post on the rapper’s Instagram page.

Olinda Chapel
Olinda Chapel

The socialite, who divorced Stunner after she caught him cheating with current wife Dyonne Tafirenyika, expressed her sentiments on social media following the rapper’s birthday drama.

Olinda said Stunner has always been a good person who took his frustrations to the studio rather than doing any harm to her and she has always wished him a happy birthday.

“He was a good person, when he was angry, he would go to the studio and record or watch TV.

“I always wish him a happy birthday,” said Olinda.

Olinda has defended Stunner on her Facebook post saying he was not abusive at all.

“When your ex and the person that was part of your break up has issues the honest truth is moyo unotombofara chete, its human nature it doesn’t mean you are not happy or you haven’t moved on.

“On other note I don’t know my ex as a physically abusive person, ndingamunyepere.

“Handina musi one wandakarohwa, Ipapo ndinomupupurira hangu. #notoabuse,” posted Olinda.

The post by Olinda has left many wondering whether she still wanted Stunner back or not after their nasty break up with the controversial rapper.

“Olinda mind your hokoso purizi, nezera rako iri hazvichada chimbodzikama somumhukadzi,” commented one of her followers.

“Pfee sisi Olinda vapindira, Tytan akashinga hake,” added one of her followers. H-Metro