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‘Ex-boyfriend assaults me’

By Rumbidzai Rambanapasi

A Waterfalls woman has sought relief from the court claiming her ex-boyfriend was assaulting her for allegedly infecting him with an STI.

rape victim file pictureAngela Gadzikwa opened up at the Harare Civil court where she applied for a protection order against James Munjeri.

Gadzikwa accused Munjeri of ending their relationship and threatening to kill her for transmitting the infectious disease.

“My ex-boyfriend has been assaulting me whenever he is drunk accusing me of infecting him with an STI.

“He is also my neighbour and is coming after all my new boyfriends telling them I have an STI yet he is the one who always asked for unprotected sex.

“He is threatening my life and I want to be protected against him,” she said.

Gadzikwa also pleaded that her ex be barred from coming to her premises.

“I want him to stop visiting me and I don’t want him to assault me in front of my boyfriends.

“I want him to be barred from all forms of communication,” she said.

Munjeri professed ignorance over the allegations.

“I have never assaulted her. I was hurt when she dumped me and she never disclosed that she was seeing someone else.

“She should have ended things with me like normal people do because I still love her,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Gadzikwa’s favour. H-Metro