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‘Vehicle levies must be returned to councils’ – MDC

By Jacob Mafume

The corruption exposed yesterday by the Public Accounts Committee vindicates the MDC’s assertion that the country has been captured by a dangerous group of scoundrels who have converted the state into an arena of self-aggrandizement.

Jacob Mafume
Jacob Mafume

The party has been sounding like a broken record. We have made the point consistently that corruption is the biggest single premium on the Zimbabwean Economy. It boggles the mind how a sane management would decide to give each other tens of thousands of dollars in hairdo allowances, which should have been used on roads.

In a poverty stricken country where the taxpayer cannot afford a loaf of bread, thousands of ZINARA funds were spent on gym equipment. ZINARA is rotten to the core.

The public accounts Committee Chaired by MDC Deputy Chairperson Hon Tendai Biti also exposed that hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid to a software company whose granting of such an obscene contract is deep in murky waters.

It is the same ZINARA which was part of the Dexter Nduna scandal.

The MDC mentions in its SMART policy document that reform of Public Enterprises must be placed at the centre of rethinking the State. They are an instrument of arbitrage and patronage, they are also to aid and abate Zanu PF’s autocratic agenda. It is unacceptable.

To deal with corruption the MDC restates the following:

1. Introduction of specific criminal sanctions on graft offenses
2. Strengthening and professionalising institutions meant to combat corruption including Law enforcement authorities, ZACC, NPA and the Judiciary.
3. Limited terms of office for all executive positions including in parastatals.
4. Mandatory asset declaration for public officials.
5. Regular State sanctioned lifestyle audits
6. A direct public recall mechanism for public office bearers.

We also demand that vehicle levies be returned to local authorities, ZINARA cannot be allowed to continue mismanaging the fund.

Jacob Mafume, MDC National Spokesperson