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Man kills wife’s employer

By Prosper Dembedza

A 39-year-old Harare man last Friday appeared in court on allegations of fatally stabbing his wife’s employer after accusing him of having an extra-marital affair with her.

Norbert Chipendembe appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko facing murder charges.

He was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Chipendembe did not dispute the statement he made to the police admitting to the crime, which was submitted to Mrs Mateko by the State.

He told the court that he was never threatened or forced by anyone to make the statement.

It is alleged that in 2014, Chipendembe visited his wife Stella Mutusva (34) who was employed by Takunda Butete as a maid.

The court heard that when Chipendembe arrived at the house, Butete was at a local night club and his wife Faith Maringe was home.

Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa told the court that Chipendembe started talking to his wife whom he had some differences with and the discussion degenerated into a heated argument.

It is the State’s case that Butete arrived home and saw Chipendembe shouting at his wife at the top of his voice and tried to calm him down.

The court heard that this prompted Butete to proceed to St Mary’s Police Station to make a report.

While he was on his way to the police station, it is alleged that Chipendembe followed and caught up with him along Manyame Drive near Bumhudzo Old People’s Home and started accusing him of having an extra-marital affair with his wife.

The court heard that Chipendembe pulled out a knife and stabbed Butete on the chest, left side of the abdomen and on the back of the neck.

It is alleged that Butete died on the spot and Chipendembe fled the scene. The Herald