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Zim law student in China appeals for US$5 000 to keep him on life support for 15 days

By Andile Tshuma

A 23-YEAR-OLD Zimbabwean law student studying in China is appealing for about US$5 000 to foot medical bills after he suffered lung failure following an infection.

Mr Brendon Anesu Gumbo
Mr Brendon Anesu Gumbo

Mr Brendon Anesu Gumbo from Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb needs about US$320 per day while he is undergoing medical procedures, to keep him on life support in China. He will be on the machine for 15 days.

He is admitted at Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China.

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His mother, Mrs Demetria Gumbo, said the family had since run out of funds after they had anticipated that his condition was minor and would soon heal.

Mr Gumbo suffered a lung infection which was not treated and degenerated into lung failure, leaving him in a coma.

“Brendon got a lung infection three months ago that is early January 2019 and we only got to realise it a week back when he had lung failure and immediately got into a coma.

“We thank God that he has managed to allow him to open his eyes on his hospital bed showing some recovery. This improvement brings some relief to his family and friends,” said Mrs Gumbo.

She said doctors were still working to find the best treatment for his condition; however it was costly to keep him on life support.

“The family is trying to make sure that he gets all the medication that he needs however, it is not so easy and funds are running short for him to continue on the life saving machines.

“It is our engraved plea, from the bottom of our hearts, in solace with the family that you assist with prayer for Brendon and any amount that you can give if possible for us to help give life to him.

“We would be very grateful for your support in this time of need. Thank you may God bless your gift and add more to that which you have given,” Mrs Gumbo said.

Well-wishers can contact Mrs Gumbo on 0773 892 684. The same number can be used for EcoCash contributions.

Funds can also be deposited into Agribank bank, Jason Moyo branch account number 123000009107 in Mrs Demetria Gumbo’s name. The Chronicle