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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka : Horror of horrors, Trump sets himself for second term!

By Ken Mufuka

Having lost the presidential election to a mad New York billionaire, Donald Trump, the Democrats, with the help of senior service officers (SSO) in the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Central Intelligence Organization concocted a plan to impeach Trump and remove him from office.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

Their brief was that Trump was a Russian spy and that he won the election with their help.

In was a daring plan, but was in fact Plan B; Plan A, which was aimed at preventing his election having failed.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, their choice to prepare a brief on their behalf, was given all the support money could buy. With a budget exceeding $30 million, 17 lawyers, 40 FBI super agents, 500 warrants of arrest and seizure, 2,800 subpoenas and 13 letters of requests to foreign embassies for cooperation, he came up with nothing.

As the conclusion was awaited, 22 months had passed; the Democrats and the news media waited with abated breadth and were horrified by these words.

“Special counsel did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it, conspired o coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite offers from Russia to assist the Trump campaign.”

The lessons

The fact that the SSO were in cahoots with the Democratic Party and were purposing to carry out that party’s agenda contradicts the whole purpose of a non-political civil service.

Even more damaging is the fact that Trump has been proven right beyond his wildest dream, that the “system” in favor of certain elite ruling class, whose only purpose was to stay in power no matter what the cost was to the generality of the population.

The reverence once given to the great institutions of state, such as the New York Times (paper of record) and the Washington Times (conscience of the nation) has now been shaken.

These institutions, taken together with the television companies propagated an agenda of their own which was divorced from any facts as Mueller has shown. These institutions committed themselves to Trump’s defenestration.

The explanation is that Democrats are in search of a cause. In their attempt to become champions of the “little guy” they have become a party of irrelevant issues.

They are in a state of self-flagellation.

Former vice president Joseph Biden is a prospective candidate for the presidency.

Immediately rumor mongers came from the woodworks with “issues.” Lucy Flores, candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Nevada says she was molested and demands her day in the court of public opinion.

Her presentation is that Biden was invited to a meeting in her support for the position she was seeking. At a public platform, Biden came from behind, touched her shoulders in good humor, smelled her hair and said: “Hmm! That smells good.” The 76 year old Biden kissed her head, all in good humor.

The second “matter” is when Ash Carter was being sworn in as Secretary for Defense. Carter is by far older than his wife, who looks girlish.

Biden placed his hands on her shoulders as her husband was being sworn in.

If Democrats spend time and effort over such small issues, they have no time to govern the country. The voters don’t care and don’t want to be bothered.

This applies to the infamous sex worker, Stormy Daniels, who was paid $130 000 for a romp. Democrats bring up this case against Trump. Whether Trump paid her or not does not concern voters. There are more serious issues like employment to be dealt with.

In this category falls the issue called Black Lives Matter. This organization has just received $100 million from George Soros. Their effort to bring awareness to the shooting of black males by police is commendable.

However, the movement has found intellectual support in the Democratic Party.  The narrative behind Black Lives Matter is called “intersectionality,” a theory Sister Dr. Kimberle Cranshaw.

Briefly stated, a black gay female person may suffer from a multitude of oppressive streams, mysogny (anti-female prejudice), homophobia (anti-gay) racism (anti-people of color) and perhaps even Islamophobia.

Actor Brother Jussie Smolllet who has a small part in the Broadway Play Empire, paid two Nigerian brothers to beat him up in front of the National Broadcasting Corporation in Chicago.

He blamed two Trump’s supporters for the deed, claiming that they uttered bad words such as; “This is Trump country.”

After spending $1 million, with 40 officers at work, Chicago police found that Smollet, who writes an anti-Trump twitter once a week, had cooked up the beating as a publicity gimmick. A check of $3 500 paid to the brothers was recovered.

Smollet is a friend of the Obamas. The District Attorney is a disciple of the theory of intersectionality. Arguing that Smollet’s feeling of being oppressed was real, and that Trumpkins did exist, it was not unnatural for Smollet to have cooked up this fiendish plot.

In any case, jailing Smollet is part of this intersectionality, one more black man removed from gainful employment. She freed Smollet on the basis of a sealed agreement not open for public review.

The moral of the story is that Democrats find themselves consumed by useless non-bread and butter issues.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, 34, worked as a bar-tender for the last seven years. She upset a Congressional Democrat Whip who had served nine terms.

New York was planning for an Amazon Head Office, an investment that would bring 2 500 high tech jobs. The City would use its eminent domain powers to clear up a poor neighborhood in favor Amazon.

Amazon would also receive tax deferments for an unknown period. Big companies are getting such deals. Boeing, Coca-Cola and the German BMW have set up shop in South Carolina under such preferred status terms.

Ms Cortez is blamed for exposing the “preferential treatment” of Amazon and scuttling the plan.

All this sounds rational, but the state that acquires such industrial giants, such as South Carolina, becomes very wealthy. Do voters want jobs or do they want fair deals?

South Carolina is experiencing an unprecedented boom and has run short of workers compared to jobs available.

If you want fairness, vote Democrat. If you want a job, vote for Trump.

I hope I have explained the Trump favorability among voters, which has remained at 40 percent throughout the two years he has been in power.