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Ivy Kombo returns home after 12 years

After more than 10 years in the United Kingdom, gospel musician Ivy Kombo last Friday returned home with a new mission.

Ivy Kombo with husband Admire Kasi

She relocated to the UK in 2006 and only returned home once in 2007.

Now she is back in the country to set the ground for return of Nguva Yakwana gospel concert.

Kombo arrived in the country last Friday with her husband Admire Kasi.

“We are back home to organise a big function that will remind people of the good old days. Nguva Yakwana was a popular brand and we need to bring it back. We are working on the groundwork to bring back the festival,” said Kombo.

Kasi said they want to bring back the festival in November. Nguva Yakwana was popular for bringing together local and South African musicians.

“People have been asking for the return of the festival for a long time and this is the time to bring it back. We are happy with the response that we have so far. Many musicians are willing to be part of the festival and we assure you that it will be an interesting list.”

Kombo said she is happy to be back home after a long time.

“This is my first visit to Zimbabwe since 2007. I have been studying in the UK and I now have a master’s degree in law.

“My tight schedule limited time for music, but everything is now in place for my upcoming project.

“I am working on a new album and people will have a taste of the new release at Nguva Yakwana concert. It will be a grand return of a great concert. Many artistes will be part of Nguva Yakwana in November.” The Herald