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Rising star Greatman gets electric wheelchair

By Lianne Ndemera

Rising musician Greatman received a R20 000 electric wheelchair from Ring Driving School at their premises in Harare on Tuesday.

Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze

Brand ambassador of the driving school, Blessing Shumba, socialite Mai Titi and Sulumani Chimbetu were among people that witnessed the donation.

An official from Ring Driving School said they were touched by Greatman’s plight when they watched his video “Pandakazvarwa” that he did with Sulu

“We saw Greatman on his video ‘Pandakazvarwa’ and we had to look for Mai Titi to assist us on getting hold of Greatman. She happens to be closest to him. We had the zeal to do something for the community and it’s not going to be limited to Greatman only. Where we can, we will be able to assist the needy as a driving school,” said the official.

Greatman thanked the driving school for the kind gesture.

“I don’t have much to say but God bless Mr and Mrs Sanangura (Ring Driving School directors) for this blessing. I also want to thank Mai Titi” said Greatman.

Mai Titi expressed her gratitude to the directors of the driving school.

“I’m really touched by this gesture by Ring Driving School. They are not a charity organization but they took time to remember Greatman. I am overwhelmed with extraordinary joy in my heart, this is true compassion. I thank God who made me meet Greatman. This chair will make Greatman’s life easy,” said Mai Titi.

Sulu graced the occasion and took the honour to open the gift from its sealed box with the assistance of Shumba. The Herald

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