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Radical MDC Youth Assembly to return after congress – Happymore Chidziva on Nehanda TV

The 1999 opposition MDC youth assembly that characterized itself with radicalism at the birth of the opposition party is coming back after the elective congress slated for the 24th to the 26th of May 2019, outgoing chairperson Happymore Chidziva has told Nehanda TV.

On the sidelines of a press briefing after the National Youth council meeting at party headquarters on Tuesday, the Highfields West legislator said his exit from the youth assembly will not result in a sigh of relief for the state as the congress will see the rebirth of the militant youth wing.

Chidziva has earned himself nickname ‘Bvondo’ in which revolutionary undertones are embedded after leading a youth assembly with the now defunct paramilitary group known as Vanguard which has been condemned for a confrontational approach when engaging with the state.

“The Bvondorisation is not going to end, actually there will be more Bvondos to be romped into the assembly. We are going to see a mixture of young people from different sectors. The intellect and the general youth will be brought together.

“From the meeting we had today, the youth assembly has adopted a resolution to be united from across all sectors. So after this congress you are going to see an energetic, vibrant, and radical youth assembly that is going to be hard on the military regime,” he said.

When asked to shed light on the treatment of the party Secretary General Douglas Mwnozora who last Saturday suffered humiliation at Chisamba Grounds in Mutare after party followers booed him on the back of accusations that he is a Zanu PF ‘Trojan horse’ Chidziva said it was a warning.

“It was just a clear message from the people that the people of Manicaland are 100 percent behind the presidency of Nelson Chamisa.

“Actually it was just a warning to other party leaders that don’t dare to try and destroy the movement by being funded by anyone to destroy the candidature of President Nelson Chamisa,” Chidziva said.

He, however, highlighted that it was everyone’s democratic right to contest any position at the party’s elective conference as per the party’s constitution. Nehanda Radio