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Mboro storms into Shepherd Bushiri church

By Rudzani Matshili | Pretoria News |

Pretoria – Incredible Happenings Ministries leader Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng on Tuesday stormed into the premises of Shepherd Bushiri’s church at Tshwane Events Centre, seeking a public apology over the 2016 “heaven miracle”.

PASEKA “Mboro” Motsoeneng heading to the premises of Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG church to speak to him about the controversial “heaven miracle”. Thobile Mathonsi/African News Agency (ANA)
PASEKA “Mboro” Motsoeneng heading to the premises of Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG church to speak to him about the controversial “heaven miracle”. Thobile Mathonsi/African News Agency (ANA)

He claimed the miracle had been orchestrated by Bushiri’s people, and now wanted to clear his name.

On arrival in Pretoria, Mboro went straight to Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, but was instead met by security personnel. They told him Bushiri was not there.

In 2016, selfies of Mboro were circulated on social media, claiming he had gone through the gates of heaven on Easter Sunday that year and had taken pictures with Jesus Christ.

Mboro rejected the claims, saying he had not yet died and thus there was no reason for him to have visited heaven.

He claimed that investigations later pointed to a Bushiri supporter named Kelvin Sulugwe, who had created a fake Facebook page and circulated the false pictures.

Following their public spats, the charismatic prophets decided to bury the hatchet.

Addressing the media yesterday, Mboro reiterated that he had not gone there to fight, but wanted Bushiri and him to openly clarify that the heaven pictures were a smear campaign by one of the ECG members.

“There has been a smear campaign that prophet Mboro went to heaven, saw Jesus having sex with a Xhosa woman and sold the pictures so last year Major 1 (Bushiri) made peace with me; he apologised after the investigations linked the matter to Kelvin’s Facebook account. A case was opened. That damaged my reputation internationally.

“The reason why I came here publicly was that this thing was in the media space, so we are not fighting. I just wanted us to do it publicly.

“He did confirm on SABC last year that Kelvin is the one who was running his PR who did that, and he fired him immediately, and then he apologised. There were many other issues that were created by people who are running PR administration on the side of Major 1 in the past. I used to occupy this place on Fridays; I used to address 20000 people, but then I left for the sake of peace because I don’t fight for people; people belong to God.”

Last week, Mboro went to Alleluia Ministries in Sandton, where he demanded to see pastor Alph Lukau to confront him for allegedly bringing Christianity into disrepute by staging an event in which he appeared to be raising a man from the dead.

But he stood outside the church with his supporters and members of other denominations because the Congolese pastor did not emerge.

At the time, people pointed out that Mboro was the last person to cast a stone, citing the heaven stunt.

“People said, how does he condemn fake resurrection, yet he was selling pictures of heaven and scamming people?”

Mboro said he supported Bushiri, making specific reference to a few weeks ago when the Malawian appeared with his wife on charges of fraud and money laundering.

Mboro said they remained men of God and their relationship hadn’t changed. He admitted he did not make a proper appointment to see him.

Before driving off, he prayed with his members and a small group of ECG members who had gathered there.