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Farmers warned to wary of pulpy kidney

Manicaland farmers have been urged to be wary of pulpy kidney, a disease that attacks goats and sheep, which has the potential to impede livestock productivity.

Haemorrhages on the heart muscle caused by pulpy kidney disease
Haemorrhages on the heart muscle caused by pulpy kidney disease

Mutare District livestock officer Mr Nomatter Manunure said farmers should ensure the health of livestock like goats and sheep which are rarely affected by drought.

“We encourage farmers to prevent their livestock from being affected by pulpy kidney, so that they increase productivity,” he said. “The profitability of a goat enterprise depends largely on the animals’ health and productivity.

“Farmers should have skills to identify an animal in poor health, diagnose the illness and treat it, or obtain assistance from other knowledgeable farmers or the veterinary services department.

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“We are aware of the difficult economic situation in the country hence most farmers are unable to immunise their livestock but we encourage them to make contributions as communities to buy vaccines.”

Pulpy kidney disease can cause sudden death in livestock and Mr Manunure said farmers should take it seriously and report any such cases.

He advised farmers to be ready to buy supplementary feeds for their livestock and destocking, since the grazing lands had decreased due to a prolonged dry spell.

“We hope that with the rains we received last week the grazing will rejuvenate,” he said.

Mr Manunure urged farmers to ensure that goats and sheep always have access to clean drinking water and the correct quality of grazing, browsing and supplementary feed. The Herald