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Selmor rises to the occassion

By Vasco Chaya

While her father, the late Oliver Mtukudzi — aka Tuku — abandoned her at the hour when she needed him most, Selmor has made it on her own.

Selmor Mtukudzi
Selmor Mtukudzi

There could be a good reason for it.

Left on her own to navigate a rough world, that experience helped Selmor a lot; she is made of sterner stuff.

With many eager to see who will continue with Tuku’s legacy — Selmor could emerge the natural successor.

But who exactly is Selmor?

Married to musician husband Tendai, the son of the popular yesteryear music superstar Zexie Manatsa, Selmor has won several accolades including the 2015 National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) Outstanding Female Musician gong.

She also won an award at the Africa Entertainment Awards in 2015.

A couple of years ago, the music diva was part of 10 top female musicians from all over Africa in the form of Nigeria’s Yemi Alade and Judith Sepuma of South Africa among others who collaborated on a song titled Strong Girl that seeks to campaign for the empowerment of women and girls.

Though Selmor is the biological daughter of the late music superstar, she was not groomed by Tuku as he just treated her just like any other musician.

She once told local media that “she went through all the challenges and ropes that any other musician with no music background goes through on their way up the ladder” and the process “made her quite strong.”

Selmor has toured overseas and made her own music far away from her late father and you could see that she was determined to reach the top on her own.

While Tuku had mended his ties with Selmor just before his death, it was the grooming that the late national hero failed to accord her.

But with Tuku’s blood flowing in her, things have suddenly turned the corner and since Tuku’s death her star seems shinning on her.

Zimbabweans would like someone to continue refreshing Tuku’s music and indeed Selmor is destined to do exactly that and she proved it recently when she performed at a Tuku Memorial Concert held in Johannesburg in South Africa where she and sister Sandra were quite a toast.

Recently she shared the stage with Mbeu — one of her late father’s protégés and it was all fireworks.

And there is no doubt that she will be a beneficiary of Mtukudzi’s rich music catalogue that comprises more than 60 music album and countless CDs.

And she has the pleasure to perform all her father’s hits like we have witnessed sons and daughters of past musicians doing in the recent past.

These include among several others the likes of Suluman Chimbetu (Simon), Tryson Chimbetu (Naison), Peter Moyo (Tongai) and Faheem Somanje (Daiton).

Interestingly, Selmor, unlike other sons and daughters of musical heroes, has managed to carve her musical legacy well before the death of her father.

If she is going to inherit the rich musical legacy of her father, she will do it not as a greenhorn but as someone who already knows the rules of the game.

She knows how it is done though not to the extent of fitting well into her father’s big shoes. DailyNews