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Jah Signal needs to tread carefully

By Bongani Ndlovu

Zimdancehall  chanter Jah Signal recently made headlines for the wrong reasons as he was accused by his ex-wife Presh Dhliwayo of infidelity.

Jah Signal and Presh during happier times
Jah Signal and Presh during happier times

She accused him of bedding 15 women in six months. Although he evidently denied the allegation, this does not let him off the hook, because there is no smoke without fire.

He went on to counter accuse his estranged wife of masterminding a plan to make him drink traditional medicine that will centrally lock him, so that he fails to sleep with other women. Furthermore, he said she is violent as she had tried to stab him.

The stories that are emerging from Zimdancehall stars are disturbing. It’s a world of violence and physical abuse by spouses. Added to this concoction of misery is that there are allegations of the artistes being surrounded by women who use juju.

Another accusation by Presh was that Jah Signal had a sexually transmitted infection (STI). In that case he is philandering without protection which is a serious cause for concern. If the young man is not careful, his career will wither away and he will suffer from a terminal illness as said by one of The Chronicle readers online.

“The truth will come out. If the ex-wife is just being jealous, her attempts and lies won’t stick. But if there’s some bit of truth, then sooner or later, the young man will be wearing diapers when the STDs are on fire.

“Then all the little earned hard cash will vanish as they try to buy him good health. It all ends in failure. Fans will be left playing CDs, that’s life,” commented one Gwereza online.

Jah Signal should be careful with what he does and who he fraternises with from now on. Being popular and famous has its pitfalls and as Gwereza said, it all ends in failure. His management team should not fuel his fleshly lusts although the temptations may be plentiful everywhere he goes.

Fans want to see him grow old and being one of the success stories from the Zimdancehall movement that has gripped Zimbabwe for the past years. Also, he should understand that he is, a cliché as it sounds, a role model for young men out there.

He should understand that he is setting a bad precedent and the youth will follow suit.

Everything he does whether in public or the private sphere will be in the spot light and highlighted, regardless of how trivial it is. The Chronicle.