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Expect more good music from me: Khuxxman

By Tonderai Zvimba

He united us with MaAfrica, pleased the ancestors with Vumelani Isangoma, got evicted from his lodgings because of Amaloja and recently made us reminisce of the good old days with his remix of Solomon Skhuza’s Banolila.


Veteran musician Khuxxman (real name Khulekani Bethule), who has been behind all these songs that have kept most people well entertained, says he is not slowing down on his music career and believes this year will be a great one for him musically.

“My fans should expect more music and collaborations this year. My main aim is to do as much collaborations with other great artistes. There are a lot of young and very talented youngsters who are the future of Bulawayo music such as Gazi Elimnyama, Hwabaraty, Redbee, Skaiva and Ex-Mile just to mention a few who are definitely going to change the game in the near future,” Khuxxman said.

The singer said other than releasing music, he would also like to do more shows this year, but is being hindered by lack of resources.

“Like I always say, lack of resources sometimes hinders one from achieving what they want. For instance, I’m looking forward to having as many live shows as I can, but the lack of finance makes it very difficult for me.”

Without giving up, Khuxxman is pleading with music promoters to assist him and other artistes with the staging of shows in order to promote the city’s music industry.

“Resources are a great challenge for us as Bulawayo artistes and as such, I’m appealing to promoters and local DJs to help spread good Bulawayo music to the world,” said Khuxxman.

Looking at music being produced in Bulawayo, Khuxxman said the artistes were in the right direction and should keep soldiering on.

“The future looks so bright as far as I can see. The artistes must not tire and keep pushing their works as it’s only a matter of time”.

On the Banolila remix, Khuxxman said he recorded it to try and keep legends’ music alive.

“When I recorded the remix for Solomon Skhuza’s track, I was experimenting on something I’ve always wanted to try – incorporating rhumba and sungura with house music and it’s definitely working judging by the feedback and success of the song thus far.

“This has definitely given me the zeal to remix more tracks by our legends.” The Chronicle