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Blackmail allegations in Jabu tape storm

Nancy Musiyambiri, the woman who featured in Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa)’s bedroom tape, has spoken out and is asking people to stop insinuating that she has a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Nancy Musiyambiri, the woman who featured in Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa)’s bedroom tape

The tape that has been doing the rounds on social media saw many conclude that Nancy had an infection of some sort because of the many pimples they saw on her inner thighs.

As such, those who watched the clip were concerned about Jabu’s health as they feared he may have contracted a disease from Nancy as he slept with her without using protection.

She, however, came to Jabu’s rescue during a Facebook Live recording where she said Jabu was educated and would never have unprotected intercourse with a person with an STI or HIV.

“I’m a very fat person who weighs 102kgs. I don’t have an STI like you people are suggesting. Those pimples you saw in between my legs were caused by friction that happens when I’m walking. I’ve had them for a year and have been trying to lose weight as they’re bothering me, but to no avail.

Nancy, however said she was disheartened that the actor, who has been blackmailing her for a couple of years, had finally succeeded in leaking the tape.

Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa)
Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa)

“Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the dirty s** tape that’s been circulating. I take full responsibility. Denzel had been blackmailing me since 2017 after I had dated him for one and a half years. It started off with a n.u.d.e picture he took when I was bathing.

“I actually went to the police to report this and he acted as if he had deleted it. Then after a month or so, he contacted me and said he still had my picture suggesting that I give him money or he circulates it.”

She said she did not give in and moved on with her life.

This is when she started dating a man based in China who upgraded her from her one bedroom apartment (where the video was recorded) to a double storey house.

This apparently did not go down well with Jabu.

“Noticing that I’d moved on, Jabu started pestering me saying I was playing hard to get since I’d moved on with another boyfriend. He suggested we date again and I agreed and cheated on my boyfriend who’s based in China. He comes once or twice a year but he was serious about me,” explained Nancy.

Interestingly, Nancy said Jabu had sent the bedroom tape to one Luciana who used to be her close friend, to circulate it.

“Denzel sent the video to Luciana (whom he had teamed up with) who was a close friend of mine to leak it as I’d refused to give in to his blackmailing tactics. Apparently, he asked her to trim the parts where his face was shown but she didn’t and sent the video unedited.

“This is why it spread because his face was shown.”

In all this, Nancy said she had learnt her lesson.

“I’m not trying to justify myself, but I need you to understand my side of the story. I decided to come out as people are talking about me and calling me a home wrecker for sleeping with another woman’s man. I cheated on my boyfriend and I regret it.

“I’ve learnt a lesson and this has drawn me closer to God.” The Chronicle