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Sokostina down, but not out

Radio and television personality Tendai “Sokostina” Garwe, who was involved in a car accident on her way home from work towards the end of last year, is recovering well.

Tendai ‘Sokostina’ GarweAfter having spent a couple of weeks at the Avenues Clinic in Harare after sustaining leg and arm injuries, she has since been transferred to Athol Evans nursing home where she is undergoing physiotherapy.

Her friend, TV and radio personality Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande, who has been keeping Sokostina’s fans updated, visited her last week and assured people that she would soon be walking again.

“Our #QueenMonkey has begun the first stages of physiotherapy for the muscles tone and muscle movement. The crushed leg and hip bones were replaced with metal plates and the new bone marrow generation (which is what allows the bones to have movement in our limbs), will slowly but surely begin,” wrote Tin Tin on her Facebook page.

“Tendai Garwe will surely walk and dance again. We remain united in prayer for a total recovery.”

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She added: “Soko is very grateful for the gift of life and love and remains positive towards her situation and is determined to keep fighting till all is 100 percent again.”

For those who have been itching to catch up with the Zimpapers Television Network personality on social media, Tin Tin said she was sadly not yet active on those platforms.

“Tendai is not yet back on social media, but is receiving all your messages of love, prayer, comfort and support. Her body may be broken, but believe me, her brain and mouth are as functional as always – if not even more!”

Those interested in visiting her, Tin Tin said, should feel free to go to Athol Evans nursing home in Cranborne, Harare where she is permitted visitors between 11:30AM and 12:30PM.

“She is on a more than military diet as part of physiotherapy and recovery so food (fruits and sweets included) are not permitted. Any other get well soon gestures especially seeing you would make her day,” said Tin Tin. The Chronicle