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Tocky’s song blasts soldiers’ conduct

By Blessing Masakadza

Youthful musician Tocky Vibes has released a song in which he voices concern over the conduct of soldiers who beat up his pregnant wife and manager during the recent disturbances.

Tocky Vibes

Tocky condemns the indiscriminate bashing of the public in a song titled Zviri Nani which he said is unjustified. He said the soldiers should be fighting for the people and not fighting the people.

The singer who is naturally non-confrontational was forced to record the song after his pregnant wife was caught up in the skirmishes.

His manager was also attacked in Rugare, Harare where he stays and forced to flee in the rain.

“The people who lead these demonstrations are not the ones who get hurt, it is the innocent public and the soldiers should know better.

“I don’t do politics, neither did I support the violence but for soldiers to beat anyone they come across is not good. They have the guns meaning they should be protecting us. My wife is pregnant and she could not run away from the military’s onslaught. She called me and I had no fuel to go where she was, I was hurt.

“My manager was forced to flee in the rain, escaping from the soldiers, who I think should be protecting us,” he said.

Tocky said he can’t win over the military or go in the streets as others do but all he has is his voice.

“I can’t go in the streets or fight. All I can do is getting in the studio and make my views known.”

And he sings: “…handichina nguva yekubigger masoja vanongotirova zuva nezuva” (I no more have time to salute soldiers who beat us every day)…zvirinani kurasa hunhu pane kuuraya munhu (it is better to lose my dignity than kill someone).”

Tocky urges the soldiers to use their conscience as they are ending up beating their relatives in the name of fulfilling orders by their superiors.

If this latest development is anything to go by, it adds up to the growing list of singers expressing anger in the current administration.

Winky D came with Kasong Kejecha last year and some quarters have been hostile towards him.

Last week, fellow musicians Hosiah Chipanga, Edith WeUtonga and Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro also spoke negatively of the government’s heavy handedness on citizens.

“You can silence the Internet, you can beat up, kill and silence people… but you can’t silence God! Mwari havapererwe,” Chivaviro wrote on twitter.

The current government is accused of unleashing the army to quell opposing voices with a clear example being the August 1 killing of six people protesting for the urgent release of election results. DailyNews