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Fungisai a woman of all seasons

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave is one multi-talented woman. In addition to being an award-winning musician, Fungisai, a holder of a sociology degree, is also into gardening and designing.

Fungisai Zvakavapano
Fungisai Zvakavapano

The mother of three, like other women of her age, wakes up early on a daily basis helping her maid with some of the morning chores.

“I am proud to be a full time housewife. During week days, I start my day with a shower before preparing breakfast for my husband and children.

“My husband is responsible for taking two of our children to school daily and my duty is to pick them from the school in the afternoon,” she said.

Fungisai has three children namely Tawananyasha 13, Matipanyasha, 10 the only girl doing Grade 5 and Wenyasha 7, a Grade 3 student.

Her first born, Tawananyasha attends boarding school and is doing Form Two.

“When my children are at school, I spend much of the time doing gardening. I like flowers and trees mostly,” she said.

The singer, who is set to graduate with a Masters’ degree in Child Sensitive Social Policy mid this year from Women’s University in Africa, often helps her children with homework.  

“I usually assist them with their homework. As a mother I try to be diligent and precise when helping them (children) because there is nothing embarrassing as helping a child to score low marks,” she said.

While Fungisai seemed to be living large, she told the Daily News on Sunday that she is not worried about material things.

“I usually don’t want to talk about my private life in public. However, I am that type of a person who is not worried about material things in life. What I value most in life is that I am breathing in and out.

“In life, I strive to be a good minister of the word of God through my music. I also want to continue having the ability to connect with the society, at large, without problems,” she said.

At home, Fungisai does not keep dogs.

“I hate dogs with a passion. Dogs mess up. I used to have a bull dog but I donated it to my relatives a couple of years ago. Dogs are not smart yet I like cleanliness. 

“I prefer cats to dogs. I used to have a cat but it was bitten by the dog and it died. Unoziva ndakachema kiti iyoyo for three days. Ndakabatikana. I think ndizvo zvimwe zvakaita kuti ndinyatsovenga imbwa,” she said.

Despite spending much of her time in the garden, at times, Fungisai told this publication that she strives to look smart always.

“My favourite colour is white. It helps me to look smart and clean always. I do not like dirt you know,” she said.

On public holidays and weekends, Fungisai enjoys spending the days with her family.

“I just love to be with my family all the time. At times we travel to various centres of attraction such as Victoria Falls but I was taken aback by the Hot Springs in Chimanimani,” she said. Daily News