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Murder cases top High Court roll

By Fidelis Munyoro

The 2019 legal year begins on Monday, with the High Court expected to hear 44 murder cases during the first quarter. Only one case of fraud, involving Chitungwiza land baron, Frederick Mabamba, is on the case list released ahead of the opening of the legal year.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba
Chief Justice Luke Malaba

Chief Justice Luke Malaba will officiate at the main ceremony at Mashonganyika Building in Harare, while other ceremonies will run concurrently in Bulawayo, Masvingo and Mutare.

Members of the legal fraternity, judicial officers, high-ranking Government officials and diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe are expected to grace the occasion. Mabamba’s fraud trial has been slotted for Monday next week and it is expected to run for five days.

He is accused of taking Chitungwiza Municipality’s land measuring 56 519 square metres valued at $4 843 920 which he sold to desperate home seekers, thereby depriving the municipality of ownership and control of the land.

Four witnesses, including Chitungwiza Town Clerk Dr George Makunde, are expected to testify in the case.

The trial of 52-year-old Chakanetsa Nyakabau, who is being accused of murdering an intruder he caught raping his 15-year-old daughter, has been set for January 21.

Nyakabau of Karidza Village under Chief Chimoyo, is accused of murdering Tawanda Nyamukacha of Kanyenze Village after catching him raping his daughter.

According to the indictment, on January 18 last year around 1am, Nyamukacha went to Nyakabau’s homestead and forcibly entered a bedroom, where Nyakabau’s daughter was sleeping.

It is alleged that Nyamukacha then attempted to rape the juvenile who screamed for help, thereby, alerting her father, who woke up to investigate.

Nyamukacha was allegedly caught in the act by Nyakabau who went on to tie his legs and hands with a rope.

Nyakabau allegedly assaulted Nyamukacha with an ox harness several times all over the body before taking him to Makosa Police Station, where he intended to file a report.

The State alleges that while on the way to the police station, Nyamukacha complained of dizziness, collapsed and died.

Nyakabau proceeded to the station and reported the matter to the police, who attended the scene and arrested him.

Charles Kavhumbura of Susman Farm in Juru, who allegedly strangled his seven-year-old daughter before dumping the juvenile’s body in a farm pond to evade paying maintenance, will stand trial on March 25.

He allegedly confessed to killing his daughter, Rufaro.

Charges against Kavhumbura arose on October 14 last year, when his ex-wife Pedzisai Kachepa (32), left her daughter in the company of her 10-year-old brother, as she proceeded to the nearby Umristur Primary School.

It is alleged that upon returning home, Pedzisai failed to locate her daughter despite a massive search for her.

She filed a missing person’s report at Chabwino Police Post.

The deceased’s body was found floating in a pond two days later by two pupils, who had gone to fetch water from the pond.

The pupils alerted Never Chako, who proceeded to report the matter at Juru Police Station.

It is alleged that when police came to retrieve the body, Kavhumbura was among the crowd and positively identified the body as that of his daughter.

A post-mortem held at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals by Dr Roberto Betancout showed that the girl died of head and neck trauma. The Herald