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Sokostina out of danger after accident

Radio and television personality Tendai “Sokostina” Garwe who was involved in a horrific car accident in Harare last month is now out of the Intensive Care Unit.

Radio and television personality Tendai ‘Sokostina’ Garwe
Radio and television personality Tendai ‘Sokostina’ Garwe

The Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN) employee who sustained serious leg and arm injuries has been admitted to the Avenues Clinic ever since.

ZiFM Stereo presenter, Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande, a close friend of Sokostina this week said Sokostina was now stable and has been transferred to the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

After visiting her on Wednesday, Tin Tin said surgery for Sokostina’s arm had been lined up for yesterday.

“We’re very happy that she’s stable enough to be moved from ICU and is now in HDU. Surgery on her arm was scheduled for Monday but was moved to Thursday as doctors needed her to be strong enough for yet another surgery.

“We’re all anxious but the Queen Monkey is her usual, exuding a positive attitude to everything,” said Tin Tin.

She commended Soko’s sister, Lucy for remaining strong for her sister at such a time. “Lucy Garwe Samuriwo, you’re doing a splendid job in patient care support. We’ve got you.”

Last week, Tin Tin arranged a prayer vigil that was held outside the Avenues Clinic and yesterday urged fans, family and friends of Sokostina to remember her in their prayers.

Another ZTN staffer, Rumbidzai Nderere who was also injured in the same accident thanked friends, family and workmates for all the support they have been giving her.

Nderere said: “On Friday, 21 December, my life flashed right in front of me. I had a head-on accident on my way home while I was accompanied by a friend Tendai Garwe. I’ve seen the love of the Lord and I know he has a purpose for me.

“All my friends and family that have helped me this far, I don’t know how to thank you. And for my aunts who have been by my mother’s side, I thank you.

“Special mention to people who were with me from time of the accident till now — my mum and dad, Tendo, Batsi, Yvonne, Nyasha, Vanessa, Kim, Auntie Mai T, Auntie Jean, Lucy, Coco, Andre, Dora, ZTN team, Zimpapers Group, Chisipite UMC friends and family for all the support this far.” The Chronicle