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Ginimbi gives Victoria Falls a taste of his parties

By Melissa Mpofu

Harare socialite and businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was the centre of attraction in Victoria Falls on New Year’s Eve when he hosted a party at The Kingdom Hotel that became the talk of town.

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure
Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure

The party that was a “Lite” version of his All-White parties was organised hurriedly at one of the hotel’s biggest conference rooms after Ginimbi — who had attended the Vic Falls Carnival — noticed that there was not much entertainment on offer in the town.

As a brand ambassador for the Harare International Carnival and an Internet sensation adored by many because of his controversial live videos on Instagram, Ginimbi marketed the event using himself as the selling point.

“This worked out as the event trended with many — including cab drivers expressing their interest to attend. The party attracted many Bulawayo, Harare and Victoria Falls socialites, most who were persuaded to attend by their girlfriends for obvious reasons.

As one got to the hotel, one of the best in the resort town, they were met by Ginimbi’s fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles that were parked by the entrance.

“In this whole country, other than the President, no one is allowed to park their car at hotel entrances as this blocks other guests who will be dropping off. However, Ginimbi’s vehicles were there for the whole night.

Entering the venue where an entrance fee of $10 was charged, one would swear they were at a wedding because of the layout and decoration (tables with white table cloths and a lot of lighting).

It was only when one looked closely at the tables that they could tell they had entered a Ginimbi territory.

“The tables were filled with ice buckets which only had expensive cognacs, whiskeys and champagnes such as Hennessy, Ciroc, Moet and Chandon and Veuve Clicquots that were sold by Ginimbi’s Liquor Boyz.

“Cheaper whiskeys such as Jameson and Black labels which most average Zimbabweans purchase at nightclubs were not on offer.

However, the good thing was that there was no VIP seating so fans of Ginimbi and his friends had a lot of access to them, making the event more enjoyable.

Among those who graced the event were Ginimbi’s close friend Tazvi “Chief J” Mhaka and Steward Bank boss Lance Mambondiani.

Rocking the crowds on the decks was a strong line up of DJ Stavo, Judgement Yard and Club Sankayi DJ Rimo.

It would not be a Ginimbi party with no flaunting. Some male patrons during the event, began provoking other men by going to their tables and pouring a whole bottle of champagne on the ground.

The provoked men would buy more expensive champagne and reciprocate.

Sadly for the Kingdom Hotel, they had so much work to do in cleaning up the mess the next day as the conference room was carpeted.

Speaking on the sidelines of the party that was a resounding success considering that it was organised in a few hours, Ginimbi said he organised the party after being disappointed that there was not much going on in the resort town after the carnival.

“I was in Victoria Falls for the carnival and after the event ended at about midnight (on December 30), I decided to get into town to party. I was taken to Zambezi House (where the Mapopoma Festival was held) and was disappointed as my expensive shoe got dirty there as the place was muddy.

“I decided to host my event which would be classy for a clientele that appreciates the finer things in life.”

As such, Ginimbi hired out the conference room at The Kingdom and quickly arranged with his Liquor Boyz to transport drinks from Harare to Victoria Falls.

“Fliers were also printed and handed out to people at the carnival and in town. He simply called his event the carnival after-party and after-party it was as people only left the venue after 5AM on January 1. The carnival had ended just after 1AM. The Chronicle