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Rising stars dominate Coca-Cola Top 50

Rising artistes topped the Coca-Cola Top 50, with Baba Harare, Enzo Ishall and Obert Chari scooping radio and television awards.

Enzo Ishall, Bobby Tanza, Levels and Dj Fantan
Enzo Ishall, Bobby Tanza, Levels and Dj Fantan

However, on number one under the radio winning artistes was Rev Togarepi Chivariro who got $2 500 for his hit Matishamisa, on number two was Wandigadza by Admire Nago who got $2 000 and on three was Anokomborera by Mai patai who got $1 500.

Killer T scooped the Best Zimdancehall radio award, Best Sungura — Alick Macheso, Best Upcoming Artiste — Obert Chari, Best Jazz — Jeys Marabini and Veteran Musician, Honorary Award went to Oliver Mtukudzi who all got $500 each.

Kanjiva won Enzo Ishall $2 500 after being voted number one under the TV winning artistes, Jah Prayzah’s Dzamutsana was on number two and got $2 000 and Baba Harare won $1 500 for his song The Reason Why which was on number three.

The top female video went to Whitney Songbird who was awarded $500.

According to Coca-Cola senior brand manager Vee Chibanda the Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola Top 50 is arrived at after factoring in all the weekly SMS votes since the year began.

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“The Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola Top 50 is a reflection of the songs that have been hits throughout the year, from January to December.

The Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola Top 50 starts with Coca-Cola Top 20 which plays every Saturday between 1200hours -1300hours…,” she said.

“Our experience shows that when we ask listeners to vote for the top five songs of the year, they tend to forget songs that were released early in the year and focus on current hit songs only.

“So to give all artists equal opportunities, we combine all the votes an artiste garnered during the Top 20 weekly programmes and tally them with the votes sent specifically for top 50.

“This gives artistes who released their songs in the beginning of the year a chance to be considered.”

In this regard, musicians such as Reverend Chivaviro, Mtukudzi and Mai Patai among others might have an advantage as they released their studio albums early this year.

The musicians have dominated weekly charts for the better part of the year.

The Ebenezer hit maker dominated charts with his two songs Matishamisa and Hande Tinovaka while Mai Patai ruled the roost with Anokomborera and Ndinodaira off her latest album Punish the Devil released around April. DailyNews