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Have you seen her?

By Judith Phiri

A Cowdray Park family is looking for a 78-year-old woman who went missing on 22 December 2018 in Bulawayo.

Thembiso Nleya
Thembiso Nleya

The whereabouts of Mrs Tembiso Nleya who suffers from glaucoma are still not known as his son, Mr Widzani Nleya could not find her in her room around 11am after he had told her not to go to church as she was not feeling well.

“She had said she wanted to go to church with her grandchildren but I insisted that she should not since she was not feeling well. Gogo Nleya is from Plumtree but had come to Bulawayo for her medical review.

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“I did not go to work on the day as I wanted to monitor her movements as she usually wanders around and not find her way back because the disease she has causes her to have vision loss. When I went to her room around to 11am I could not find her.

We searched the whole neighbourhood with church members but we could not find her,” said Mr Nleya.

He said the last place a church member said they saw her was in town.

“One lady who stays close to the church said she saw her the same day she went missing around 7pm and directed her back home but she must have lost her way trying to come back home.

Another church member said he saw her in town on Monday at Chicken Inn opposite Tredgold Building and he offered to buy her food but she refused, that’s the last person who saw her,” said Mr Nleya.

Gogo Nleya is brown in complexion and is of medium built. Mr Nleya is appealing to anyone with information on his mother’s whereabouts to contact any nearest police station or contact him on 0774879412/ 0773885041.

She was last seen wearing a red jacket, silk blouse, black floral skirt, a black and yellow doek and a brown and yellow wrap (commonly known as i-zambia). Sunday News.