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Chitungwiza gives illegal settlers one-month notice

Chitungwiza Town Clerk Mr George Makunde
Chitungwiza Town Clerk Mr George Makunde

Town clerk George Makunde said the construction of illegal structures in the Nyatsime cemetery area and on land reserved for institutions such as schools should be halted forthwith.

Some of the illegal structures are sprouting on wetlands as well as on land earmarked for roads, sewer, electricity servitudes, as well as in and around the boundaries of the dormitory town, south of the capital city — Harare.

“You are therefore given one-month notice from the date of publication of this notice to have restored the land concerned to its original condition before the illegal development took place,” reads the notice.

Makunde also ordered that residents should “discontinue forthwith any operation or use of land concerned or any use of any building thereon.”

The city fathers said those who contravene or fail to comply with the enforcement order shall be deemed guilty of an offence.

They will be liable to a fine not exceeding level eight or alternatively imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both.

The notice was issued in terms of section 32(6) of the regional, town and country planning Chapter 29:12. Daily News.,