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Jecha craze hits showbiz

By Blessing Masakadza

The jecha (sand) craze has gripped local showbiz with a number of singers dropping songs coined around the now popular word.

Winky D
Winky D

Apart from the musicians rallying behind jecha, MDC president Nelson Chamisa is also an admirer of the word.

Chamisa is always mocking President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF victory at this year’s harmonised election alleging he threw jecha in their plans, hence everything is not working.

Dancehall musician Winky D’s recent song titled Kasong Kejecha has been a hit with struggling Zimbabweans who identify with it although the song is also hated by those supposedly benefitting from the status quo.

In the song, Winky D hits out at corruption, poverty and deteriorating health facilities; issues which are affecting Zimbabweans at large.

During the MDC’s march last week, Chamisa even requested for Winky D’s song.

A number of old songs have also been resurrected just because of the mention of jecha indicating how this has gripped showbiz with people going for songs that address the real issues.

Afro-fusion singer Mbeu has come up with a song Zvadirwa Jecha off his forthcoming album Hatikendenge with his legion of fans already expressing interest in the song.

The song is, however, a party tune on the tradition mhande beat. He shared a bit of the song on social media with some already pointing out political undertones.

Singer Ernest “Nesto” Manandi had his 2015 release Jecha resurrected and was over the weekend being circulated as a new song and in his words on social media, “music never dies.”

Rapper Tulk Munny had his song Chepa jecha from last year also being brought into the mix.

Another rapper Stunner also had a mention of jecha in a recent live video explaining some of his songs that have an impact on people’s lives such as Ka Life Kemughetto and Toi Toi.

He is recorded saying, “ndogara ndichidira jecha”. DailyNews