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Bulawayo Bomber pulls out of Harare fight

By Ricky Zililo

Zimbabwe’s top pugilist Elvis Moyo has pulled out of today’s scheduled non-title fight that had been set for Harare, blasting organisers for “wasting” his time.

Bulawayo Bomber: Elvis Moyo
Bulawayo Bomber: Elvis Moyo

Moyo, who was supposed to trade leather with Alick Godogo of Malawi, flew back to his Johannesburg base yesterday afternoon less than 24 hours after his touchdown in the capital.

The Bulawayo Bomber was not happy with the treatment given to him by the organisers, who booked him at a secluded place where he claims to have struggled to get a decent meal on Wednesday evening.

The World Boxing Federation All-Africa heavyweight title holder feared that the organisers of the bill dubbed “Redemption” were not going to pay them after the fights.

“I can’t be part of this circus. This is the most disorganised tournament that I’ve ever seen. I am going back to work for my children,” said Moyo.

“We were booked at a camp far from civilisation and shops. I complained about that and no one bothered. One coach asked about the fighters on diet needing only fruits, water and dinner, surprisingly he got a rude response with someone saying ‘don’t make your problem the promoter’s problem,” which is bad.

“So I concluded that if these guys can neglect their own fighters, there’s a high chance that I won’t get paid after the fight because they are non-committal.

“I have two mottos in life when it comes to sports; Zimbabwe is where I am never to be treated this bad and never accept less than your worth,” said Moyo.

Repeated efforts to get comment from tournament organisers hit a brick wall.

With Moyo out, it is highly unlikely that the bill set for the City Sports Centre will draw a huge crowd. The Chronicle