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Zakaria endorses Jah Signal

Nicholas Zakaria has been credited for mentoring top musicians in the country among them Alick Macheso and System Tazvida.

Jah Signal (left), with his father Edfus Mutize and manager, Hillary Muchenje
Jah Signal (left), with his father Edfus Mutize and manager, Hillary Muchenje

He has earned himself the nickname “Senior Lecturer” for that role. Recently the musician collaborated with dancehall musician Jah Signal on his recently released album “Jaya”.

“Unovashungurudza” is a dance song in which the “Senior Lecturer” appreciates the young musician’s talent that he says will take him places.

“I have done so many collaborations before and worked with dancehall musicians before. This young man has shown brilliance and he is destined for greater heights,” he said.

The song seems to be appreciated by music lovers judging by the comments on various social media platforms where it has been posted. Zakaria’s strumming lead guitar fused with some digital instruments gives a fresh dimension to dancehall.

“He is a hardworking young musician and if he keeps the determination then he is going to make it big in showbiz,” he said.

The musician at his live shows has shown so much energy and such is the album. He features Prosper Ngomashi aka Comic Pastor on the video “Tsime Reupenyu”, the only from the album.

On the song he pleads with people to know and understand that there is God who can take care of them in both good and bad times.

The album carries a track “Shanda” that encourages people to work hard in order to accumulate wealth.

Recently the music scene has been blown by the song “Sweetie (Shinga Muroora)” which he has since added to the album.

“Gomo” has a message that resonates with lifestyles of many youths out there who grow up without parents. Most of the time they end up engaging in immoral acts and in the song Jah Signal, born Nicodimus Mutize, calls for divine intervention. The Herald