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CIO, military following me: Chamisa

Dramatic moment agents from the CIO allegedly tried to abduct a member of Nelson Chamisa's convoy
Dramatic moment agents from the CIO allegedly tried to abduct a member of Nelson Chamisa’s convoy

He jokingly told his supporters at a rally in Marondera yesterday that the security agencies are following him even in the toilet.

“These days, both the CIO and military intelligence are following me even into the toilet. I laughed my lungs out yesterday (Friday) when they followed me to Domboshava where I had gone for prayer.

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“Armed men surrounded the mountain and, on my way, out I was blocked. I asked my boys to make a police report and I also wrote to (president Emmerson) Mnangagwa to say why are you behaving exactly like (former president Robert) Mugabe,” said Chamisa.

The youthful MDC leader said there is no difference between Mnangagwa and Mugabe.

“In fact, he is worse. His dictatorship is unbelievable. But I said they are about to do what happened to Jesus who was forced to wear a thorny crown thinking they were fixing him.

“Now, they are doing the same to me, giving me a motorcade that I have not requested. I don’t want it. You cannot do anything to me because God is on my side. I will not be intimidated because I fear no one,” he thundered.

Chamisa wondered why Mnangagwa would do that to him considering that he defeated him in the 2018 election.

He said instead Mnangagwa should be coming to seek advice on how to take the country forward.

“If you think you won why are you then afraid of the people demonstrating peacefully? Why don’t you bring your people onto the streets as well and I will bring mine to see who has the numbers?

“Your victory was from the courts, mine was from the people so we are going to reclaim our victory,” said Chamisa.

He said now the MDC has a date for their demonstration.

“Whether you or Chiwenga like it or not, come what, we are going to assert our constitutional right to demonstrate. We are going to come in broad daylight and in peace. We will tell you where we will start and end. Nobody can tell us were to end. We are determined to reach our destination on that day and we know where we want to be.”

He said regarding their internal democracy, they are going to congress but it will not be determined by Zanu PF.

“It is not our priority at the moment. We are focused on reclaiming our victory. It is surprising that Zanu PF is more interested in our congress than us.

“There are some people in the party singing from the same hymn book. Zanu PF thought they killed (Morgan) Tsvangirai — it’s over and they think as his heir, I will tolerate a situation where anyone can do as he pleases in the party. No, I am still there until congress.

“Zanu PF wants someone weaker that is why they are saying remove Chamisa and put so and so but we will not do that. We will put the one they don’t like instead. The one that they are afraid of!” Daily News.