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‘Import ban must not go beyond Dec 21’ – CZI

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has said the lift of a ban on the import of basic goods and foodstuffs must not go beyond December 21.

Mr Sifelani Jabangwe
Mr Sifelani Jabangwe

The lift of a ban imposed on imports of many basic goods in 2016 was aimed at curbing shortages after shelves were emptied over panic buying amid a dollar crunch. 

CZI president Sifelani Jabangwe said the roll back of the ban would derail the ongoing nascent recovery of the manufacturing base and the projected economic growth of 6,3 percent this year.

“We believe that this growth has been partly as a result of SI64 and SI122 (Statutory Instrument 164 and 122). These instruments had a positive impact on various sectors. We actually believe that the full impact of the success of these statutes was about to be fully realised,” Jabangwe said.

He said CZI was “concerned by SI 122 suspension.”

“However, we do understand why government had to suspend it. Although we support the measure, we believe that it should not go beyond December 21.

“We believe that government should allow us to source foreign currency to fund local manufactures so that they can start to provide adequate goods and products,” Jabangwe said. Daily News