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Ginimbi raises fraud alert

By Blessing Masakadza

Businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has raised a fraud alert, warning his followers of bogus Ginimbis on social media.

Genius Kadungure
FILE PICTURE of Genius Kadungure at one of his all-white parties

Ginimbi says there are imposters imitating him on Instagram, pouncing on unsuspecting followers, soliciting for money.

He posted screenshots of the three accounts which he said were fake and duping people of their money by interacting with them through messages.

Ginimbi, on his official account, said he would not ask his followers for money and urged them to report the accounts and avoid sending money saying he does not do foreign currency deals.

He said he has been getting messages from people saying they had been requested to send money through those bogus accounts.

“FRAUD ALERT!!! Please note: I will never ask you for money and I do not do forex. Am receiving emails from people saying they sent me a dm using the above account and was requested to send money. That is not my account please do not send anyone money. I don’t ask anyone for money beware!” he posted on his official account.

Ginimbi’s Club Sankayi was recently a victim of a fraudster who reportedly duped the upmarket joint of $87 000 worth of drinks.

The socialite is popular on social media posting several pictures of his splashy events such as the all-white parties.

The imposters have also taken advantage of that, taking pictures and putting them on their accounts which are slowly growing in following.

His official account has over 170 000 followers while the imposters are less than 2 000 each. Daily News