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Illegal settlers headache for Kwekwe city fathers

By Michael Magoronga

Kwekwe City Council has raised the red flag over the continued proliferation of illegal settlers in some parts of the city.

File picture of mud huts
File picture of mud huts

Artisanal gold miners from places like Silobela and Zhombe that were flocking to Kwekwe in search of the yellow metal were erecting illegal structures around the city.

An illegal compound of mud huts was erected at the Gokwe turn-off although there was no the access to clean water and ablution facilities.

Acting Kwekwe Town Clerk Mrs Lucia Mnkandla said the local authority was concerned over the lack of critical services at the illegal compound.

“We are really concerned about that illegal compound. There is virtually no service delivery in terms of water and sewer services yet there is quite a significant population there, which poses a health hazard,” she said.

She said council was concerned that the illegal settlers would end up vandalising water mains to gain access to water.

“We also risk having our water contaminated posing a health hazard to the generality of our citizens. They also do not have ablution facilities which is a major health hazard,” said Mrs Mnkandla.

She said council was contemplating relocating the settlers to other parts of the city where there was access to essential services.

“They are within Kwekwe City local authority and, as such, we have to take action. It’s either the area is replanned or they are relocated to another place, but the bottom line is they need access to basic service delivery,” said Mrs Mnkandla.

She said council has also resolved to avail residential stands for the settlers, the bulk of them artisanal miners. The Herald