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Intimidation, violence marred 2018 polls: CCJP

By Letwin Nyambayo

The 2018 harmonised elections were marred by massive intimidation, isolation and violence in rural communities, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJPZ) has reported.

© Alex McBride / AFP | Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters attend a rally ahead of Zimbabwe's general election on July 28, 2018.
Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters attend a rally ahead of Zimbabwe’s general election on July 28, 2018. (© Alex McBride / AFP)

In a statement yesterday, CCJPZ said the July election narrative was centred on fear which was motivated by promises of a return of 2008 political violence, denying political opponents humanitarian aid and everything else they need for a livelihood.

CCJPZ added that some rural folks succumbed to threats of evictions from their land.

The report noted that this has been the common and normalised political life in most Zimbabwean rural communities for the last decade during the election era.

“This narrative is intriguing in that the intimidation, isolation and violence strategy has been similar and implemented almost at the same time across Zimbabwe.

“This points to a centre or cartel where the concoction of political and electoral intimidation, isolation and violence is brewed and delivered throughout the electoral cycle by complementary structures, institutions and individuals that are rewarded through a well-resourced patronage system,” CCJPZ reported.

Zanu PF was this year accused of creating a hostile and threatening environment in the rural areas ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections.  DailyNews