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Stolen money belonged to me -Sandy demands 80k (bond) and US$8 330

By Jeffrey Muvundusi

Songbird Sandra Ndebele aka Sandy says the $80 000 (bond) and US$8 330 which was reported stolen in the media under unclear circumstances is actually her money and she wants it back.

Dancer-cum-singer Sandra Ndebele
Dancer-cum-singer Sandra Ndebele

Ndebele said she handles a lot of cash because of her businesses and that she is not an illegal forex dealer but a business woman.

She also took aim at State security agents accusing them of misplaced priorities.

“Now you find the police and State agents asking me where I got the money instead of investigating the theft of my hard-earned money.

“I am now left with no option but to approach the civil court for recourse to recover the money.”

Last week, Lindiwe Moyo claimed she was robbed of $80 000 (bond) and US$8 330 by two men and a woman when they stopped at Collen Bawn, near Gwanda for a recess on their way from Beitbridge to Bulawayo. It was then that, Moyo claimed the vehicle with a suitcase full of the aforementioned cash sped off leaving her stranded.

The stolen money turned out to belong to Ndebele as Moyo was just conducting errands on her behalf.

Moyo initially told police that Ndebele was an illegal foreign currency dealer runner for a top intelligence boss in Bulawayo. She also indicated that the stolen money belonged to an influential businessperson of Indian origin.

In an interview yesterday, Ndebele said the stolen money belonged to her.

“I have been silent all along but I have realised that these people are up to no good,” Ndebele told Daily News.

“It’s a fact that the money which was stolen was mine and I want it back like now. There is something I don’t understand about this whole issue. The incident happened on a Monday and Moyo chose to report the matter to the police two days later,” she said.

As if that is not enough, Ndebele said she was surprised that the State security agents have turned the heat on her yet they were supposed to look after the thieves who stole her money.

While many have been questioning how she ended up with such huge sums of money, Ndebele said it was public knowledge that besides arts she was into various businesses.

“I am really surprised at the turn of events, they stole my money and now they are working with State security agents to intimidate and stop me from demanding my money,” Ndebele said.

She, however ,dismissed allegations that she was an illegal foreign currency dealer.

“I am not an illegal money changer, but I am a musician who doubles as a businesswoman. Those who know me will tell you I am in various businesses which give me cash, so honestly having such a huge amount in my possession cannot be a question,” she said adding that she normally looks for forex when she is preparing for her usual trips to China and Dubai. DailyNews