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Family threatens to bury daughter in hubby’s bedroom

By Michael Magoronga

A family in Silobela is demanding 11 head of cattle from their son-in-law to bury the body of their daughter who committed suicide over her husband’s infidelity.

Alphina Bhebhe’s family is refusing to bury their daughter’s body unless her husband Freeman Sibanda parts with 11 beasts, failure of which the body would be buried in the bedroom.

Bhebhe allegedly committed suicide on 16 October and her body still lies in a mortuary at Silobela District Hospital with the family making hefty demands from the son-in-law.

Sibanda, a mine supervisor, known for violent behaviour in Silobela, stands accused of causing Bhebhe’s suicide and not informing the family of their daughter’s death.

The Bhebhe family has now demanded that he pays 11 beasts or they bury the body in his main bedroom.

Silobela’s Chief Malisa confirmed the incident.“Yes, I am seized with a matter where the Bhebhe family members are demanding that Sibanda pays 11 beasts because he caused the death of their daughter through his violent behaviour.

They also accuse him of beating her up often so they want to make him pay,” revealed Chief Malisa.

Sibanda on the other hand, has offered to pay half the beasts which the family continues to turn down.

“He (Sibanda) has offered to pay half the beasts but they do not want to entertain him. They are insisting they want all the 11 beasts or they bury her in his bedroom. They suspect foul play as they ask why Sibanda did not inform them about their daughter’s death,” said the traditional leader.

He said he had tried in vain to intervene.

“I have met the Bhebhe family to try and convince them to accept what Sibanda is offering but they are adamant that they want the 11 beasts. I am running short of ideas as to how best we can proceed with the matter,” he said.

Alphina was found hanging in the family’s bedroom after the two had a misunderstanding earlier on. B-Metro.