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$90k forex deal: Sandra Ndebele front-runner for city dealer

By Gibson Mhaka

The case of an illegal foreign currency trader who was robbed in Colleen Bawn, Matabeleland South has reportedly taken a new twist amid revelations that singer Sandra Ndebele who was initially named as the owner of the money was just a front-runner for a popular Indian cash baron in the city.

Dancer-cum-singer Sandra Ndebele
Dancer-cum-singer Sandra Ndebele


The alleged forex dealer, Lindiwe Moyo, who reportedly lost $80 000, which was in bond notes and US$8 330 claimed was a passenger in a car with two men and a woman who later sped off with her suitcase full of money when they stopped in the cement-producing town for a recess on their way from Beitbridge to Bulawayo.


Although the alleged Indian cash baron (name supplied) could not be located for comment sources privy to the investigations of the $90k saga claimed he “captured” a lot of forex dealers in Bulawayo who are willy-nilly pushing up the parallel market exchange rate.

“Ndebele is just a front-runner of a popular Indian cash baron in the city who ‘employed’ her to trade foreign currency on the black market. What happened is that as a front runner she subcontracted Simangani Gwemende who also subcontracted Moyo who later lost the money.

“When Gwemende alerted Sandra that Moyo, whom she had subcontracted, had lost the money she (Ndebele) claimed that the money belonged to a senior State security agent and was supposed to go and see him and explain what had transpired.

“Since Ndebele claimed that the money belonged to the senior State security agent, a fearful Moyo went and availed herself to him.

“When she availed herself to the senior State security agent in question, the latter who was apparently shocked then phoned Ndebele asking her to come to his office but she didn’t do so, raising suspicions that she might have a hand in the loss of the money,” the source said.

According to reports by our sister paper Chronicle, Gwemende, is reportedly being bothered by Ndebele to pay back the money in United States dollars — a total of US$55 923.

Ndebele has allegedly given Gwemende a payment plan to settle the debt of the lost money: US$1 000 everyday.

Ndebele, however, dismissed the accusations saying she had no idea what Gwemende was talking about and denied making her sign an affidavit. B-Metro.