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Mbo Mahocs’ parents in maintenance court

By Lisa Mangena

South Africa-based actress Mbo Mahocs’ parents were at the Maintenance Court in Bulawayo yesterday with her mother breaking down after the father refused to pay spousal upkeep for her.

Mbo Mahocs
Mbo Mahocs

Mbo Mahocs’ (real name Mbonisi Mahonondo) shot to fame after featuring on popular SA soapie Scandal.

Her mother Mrs Lucia Mahonondo is claiming $300 from her husband, Mr Marshall Mahonondo.

Mrs Mahonondo said Marshall no longer takes care of her and she has since fallen sick because of the pain her husband causes her.

“I fell sick in 2015, I have epilepsy because of the stress I get from my husband. He no longer takes care of me the way he used to. He disappears from home during weekends, he doesn’t buy groceries and hides his pay slip from me. I need money for medication and I’m no longer employed because of my illness. However, my husband doesn’t take care of all my needs,” said a teary Mrs Mahonondo.

Her husband, a Bulawayo City Council employee, shot back saying Mrs Mahonondo took about $6 500 from him and travelled to South Africa four years ago without explanation.

“She took $6 500 from me and travelled to South Africa to live at her family home. She recently returned and now she wants more money.

“I can’t offer her anything, we live together and I cater for her medical bills yet she doesn’t appreciate all that I’m doing.

“If I was someone else, I could’ve divorced her but because of the illness I can’t do that. I have a child in university who l’m supporting therefore I honestly can’t offer anything,” said Marshall.

Upon hearing this, Mrs Mahonondo broke down and wept. While she was crying, she fell down to the floor and immediately had a minor epileptic attack, leaving a packed court house stunned.

The magistrate, Ms Ulukile Mlea, was for a moment puzzled and quickly called for the court to adjourn so as to attend to Mrs Mahonondo.

When asked what they usually do when she gets an attack, Mr Mahonondo just looked at her and told the court orderly not to touch her.

“Leave her like that, she will soon be okay,” he said.

Later on after Mrs Mahonondo came around, Magistrate Ms Mlea ordered Mr Mahonondo to pay $150 as spousal maintenance for his wife.  The Chronicle