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Chisora-Whyte II in ‘massive danger’

Dillian Whyte admits there is a “massive danger” of Dereck Chisora missing out on a rematch — and has called on his British heavyweight boxing rival to agree terms this week.

Dereck Chisora
Dereck Chisora

The Brixton heavyweight is training towards a possible date of December 22 at The O2, but Zimbabwe-born Chisora is still yet to agree terms for a second fight, even after hiring David Haye as his new manager last week.

Whyte is growing frustrated at the drawn out negotiations and warned Chisora that he could switch his attention to an alternative opponent, if a deal is not reached in the next few days.

“I think it needs to be done this week, if it’s going to be him (Chisora),” Whyte told Sky Sports. “There’s other options on the table we are looking at. (Promoter) Eddie (Hearn) is speaking to a few people.

“Chisora is a fight the fans want to see, and it’s a fight I want to have, because I want to bash his head in, and just get the stoppage that I should have taken care of the first time around. Let’s see.

“There is a massive danger he will miss out on a career highest pay day. At the minute, as the deal stands, it’s getting worse. I’ve got options, he ain’t really got no options.

‘‘The Anthony Joshua fight is there for me, there’s other fights that are there for me, and I’m just 30, so I’ve got so many options.”

The unlikely partnership of Chisora and Haye has not unsettled Whyte, who hopes the former WBA heavyweight champion can help to reach a resolution.

“It’s good that those two are working together, but Dereck Chisora has got no morals and no class,” Whyte added.

“This is the same man that humiliated him and beat him up. Chisora is a bit lost, so I think he needs David Haye for stability.

“I wasn’t surprised. Dereck is an idiot. He does weird stuff. A lot of what Dereck does, does not make logical sense, or financial sense.

“Haye is a bit more professional, and a bit more logical than Chisora is, but Haye is a massive ego-maniac, so you never know. He’s a lot more sensible than Dereck Chisora is, but this is David’s game we’re talking here, so I don’t know.”

Whyte remains willing to fight other contenders instead, including Cuban Luis Ortiz, who had suggested he would battle “The Body Snatcher” in Britain.

“(Dominic) Breazeale, Luis Ortiz or Adam Kownacki, [Jarrell] Miller, all of those guys,” said Whyte. “Those are the kind of guys I would like to fight, so let’s see what happens.

“Eddie is actively in talks with some of them as well.

“Ortiz is silly. Ortiz is just a desperate old man. The grandad needs some pension money, that’s all.” – Sky Sports.

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