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Residents demand road tender cancellation

By Helen Kadirire

Mabvuku residents have petitioned Harare mayor Herbert Gomba to cancel the road repairs contract with Tencraft over incompetence.

File picture of road construction
File picture of road construction

In a letter written to Gomba, Combined Harare Residents Association ward 21 chairperson Munyaradzi Kagoro said the workmanship on the roads was poor.

The petition comes as council is undertaking repairs across the city as it tries to repair some of the untrafficable roads.

“The type of tar and stones used in the repair works are of poor quality as some sections of the road along Chizhanje and Mabvuku way are already peeling off. As we approach the rainy season we fear that the rains will wash them away,” Kagoro said.

Kagoro said Tencraft should not be paid for the shoddy job they did in Mabvuku as it is tantamount to robbery.

Mabvuku councillor Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi said he had raised the issue earlier but because of elections nothing happened.

He said since being contracted, Tencraft had their vehicles parked by the roadside without conducting any road works.

Harare needs approximately $1 billion to repair its entire road network to acceptable standards. DailyNews